Terms and Conditions of Use for "mypage" Web Platform

Certainly, here are the terms and conditions for the web page "mypage" regarding content creation and article writing:


a. "mypage" is a platform for individuals, entities, or any organizations to create content or write articles to express their views or opinions.
b. Use of this web platform signifies your agreement to comply with the following terms and conditions.

Content Creation

a. Users are allowed to create content and write articles on "Mypage," but this content does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of "Mypage."
b. All users must adhere to relevant laws and regulations while producing content on this platform.

User Eligibility

a. Anyone is permitted to create content on "Mypage," regardless of age or background. However, age restrictions and parental consent may apply based on the laws of each country where the content is created.

Prohibited Content

a. Content that promotes hate speech, incites hatred, or encourages discrimination based on ethnicity is strictly prohibited.
b. Content that exhibits bigotry or incites hatred based on religious differences is not allowed.
c. Any content that promotes one religion while demeaning others is not allowed, except for factual information or highlighting positive aspects of a specific religion.

Group-Based Content

a. Content that portrays certain groups, ideologies, beliefs, or gender differences must remain objective and informational. It should not attempt to influence others to join or support these groups.

Religious Considerations

a. Due to the founder's Muslim background, content advertising non-Halal food items according to Islamic principles is prohibited.

Alcohol and Gambling

a. Content that promotes or encourages alcohol consumption, intoxication, or any form of gambling is not allowed, except for factual information and educational purposes.

Commercial Content

a. As "Mypage" serves as a commercial platform, content endorsing products or services must be presented in a casual or moderate manner, avoiding excessive promotion.

Language and Behavior

a. Use of profanity, offensive language, or abusive behavior is strictly prohibited.

Respectful Content

a. Content must not insult, shame, or disgrace individuals, groups, communities, activists, or organizations. It can only convey factual and valid information for educational purposes.

Accurate Reporting

a. Any reporting on court cases or legal matters should be accurate and based on factual information. Misrepresentation or assumptions are not allowed.

Political Content

a. Political content is allowed, provided it adheres to the laws of the respective country.

Whistleblower Content

a. Content exposing wrongdoing should ideally follow proper channels or receive advice from relevant entities before publication.

Compliance with Legal Requests

a. "Mypage" may comply with legal requests from authorities to restrict content that violates national laws.

Psychological Impact

a. Content that might negatively impact readers' psychology should be avoided, except for generally recognized facts.

Explicit Content

a. Any explicit or pornographic content, especially involving children, is strictly prohibited unless discussing the pornography industry for educational purposes.

Disclaimer of Responsibility

a. "Mypage" is not responsible for any negative effects resulting from the consumption of content on the platform.

Predictions and Speculations

a. Content containing predictions or speculative information is allowed as long as it does not cause harm.

Content Moderation

a. "Mypage" reserves the right to remove content that is deemed inappropriate.

Non-Compliance Consequences

a. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may lead to content removal, account suspension, or legal action.

Please note that these terms and conditions are for illustrative purposes only and should be reviewed and adjusted by legal professionals to ensure accuracy and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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